The Journal of Science, Technology & Humanities

(ISSN (Online) : - 2455 - 3557) Registered under National Science Library, New Delhi, Government of India

Each author whose article is selected for the final publication in the particular volume and issue of the Journal will be presented the certificate of publication. The certificate contains the name of the Journal, ISSN No., Certificate No., Volume & Issue of the Journal, Name of Author Co- Author and the title of the published article with the authorized seal & signature.

Further, from each volume & issue, the board reserves right to select the best paper among the selected and published papers. The certificate will be awarded in recognition to the most outstanding paper among all the papers published in the respective volume & issue of the Journal.

Each author will receive an e-copy of the certificate through proper registered e-mail id only. No hard copy will be provided. The e-copy will be fully treated as the original and final copy of the certificate.